Price List 

Cupcakes (priced individually)


Cupcakes can be ordered in combinations of 6 (6, 12, 18, 24 and so forth). All cupcakes come boxed and are baked fresh to order.  Only high quality butter is used for the buttercream.


Classic Swirl with sprinkles                 £1.60 each

Dome Top with simple decoration       £1.90 each

Bespoke Cupcakes with 3D embellishments, cake lace, sugarcraft other similar modelling           £2.00- £4.99 each


Please note that you can have any combination of cupcake for your order, 6 classic, 5 with simple decorations and 1 very extravagant for example. 


All cupcakes will be bespoke to your requirements, including your perfect flavour combinations. 


Bespoke Layer Cakes 


Bespoke layer cakes are all priced individually according to the complexity of the design and flavour (fruit cakes will cost more than sponge). All cakes are costed up after consultaion and as such are completely tailored  for your chosen occasion.


Starting costs are as follows - this is for a maderia sponge cake in your chosen flavour, with jam, buttercream and icing. Covered in fondant, with simple decoration, or photo topper, ribbon and cake box. 


6 inch from £35


8 inch  from £50


10 inch  from £75


Tiered cakes will cost more and there may be delivery and set up charges, please see our T&C's for additional detail on this.