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Every buffet deserves a delicious dessert. We have a selection of vegan and vegetarian platters for you to choose from.

Minimum order 4 platters (can be a mix of sweet, savoury, vegetarian and/or vegan)

Fresh fruit salad platter:

£20 per platter

A selection of fresh fruit with tropical and seasonal fruits to enjoy. A great palate cleanser.


average £2 each

Vegan or vege

Chocolate brownies with chocolate topping for an indulgent treat.

Fruit strudel:

average £1 per slice 

Vegan or vege

Cooked fruit in a puff pastry with a sweet sugared topping


average £2 per slice 

Vegan or vege

Fruit or chocolate cheesecake with a biscuit crumb.

Donut selection:


Average 16 pieces

A selection of small and medium donuts. Dipping sauces for an additional charge

Bespoke occasion cakes available upon request 8" starting at £50

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