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All jars are 227g and cost £3 each


The Constants


  • Simply Strawberry Jam

The Nations Favourite! made with fresh strawberries from the alotment and from foraging trips and sugar  - nothing else added,  nature at it's best.

  • Refreshing Raspberry Jam

Sweet yet sharp, made with fresh raspberries (with pips) often from hedgerow walks and the railway embankment.

  • Cheeky Cherry Jam

A sticky, sweet jam. Great in gateux.

  • Rangoberry Jam (raspberry and mango)

A happy accident and now a bestseller - has to be tasted to be fully appreciated. Made in bulk when mangos are on sale at the market.

  • Strawberry Blues Jam (Strawberry and blueberry)

After the success of rangoberry, I came up with this delicious jam and it quickly became a permanent member of the family.

  • Blackberry Jam

Foraged from alley ways, back gardens, railways and the vast bush on my allotment


The Limited Editions

  • White Currant and Champagne Jelly

Adapted from a classic Frech recipe - this is sublime and a real treat - try it on vanilla bean ice cream.

  • Strawberry, vanilla Bean and Rose Water

A delicate, scented soft set jam - with homemade rose water. 

  • Redcurrant Jelly

Perfect with lamb or mixed into gravy,  sharp and fresh on the palate.

  • Grape Jelly

Made with an abundance of black grapes from a secret Coventry vinery.




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