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Delicious, freshly prepared vegetarian platters for your chosen occasion, these can be ordered alongside or instead of our vegan menu. From sandwiches, wraps and petit pain to savoury pastries, quiches and of course desserts, we offer you a selection of exciting, flavoursome vegetarian food.

When ordering from Miss Ellie's vegetarian range, you are guaranteed good, honest food from a small business whose commitment to sustainability and eco friendly practice underpins all we do.

Minimum order 4 platters (can be a mix of vegan and vegetarian, eg 2 of each, 3 vegan, 1 vegetarian)


32 pieces

£25 per platter

(please note, platters come with up to 2 choices of filling)

  • Cheese salad ; Grated cheddar with tomato, cucumber, mixed leaves and mayo

  • Cheese and pickle ; Grated cheddar with a sweet pickle

  • Egg mayo and cress ; Free range egg with mayonnaise and cress

  • Mozzarella and tomato ; Buffalo mozzarella with tomato, basil and pesto

  • Cream cheese and cucumber ; Quality cream cheese with cucumber slices

  • Brie and cranberry ; Creamy brie with cranberry sauce and mixed leaves


16 pieces, 1/2 wrap p/p

£30 per platter

(please note, platters come with 1 choice of filling each)

  • Hallumi ; Grilled hallumi with sweet chilli sauce and mixed leaves

  • Cheese salad ; Grated cheese with tomato and pepper and mixed leaves 

  • Greek salad ; Feta and olives with red onion, cucumber an mixed leaves

Petit Pain

£35 per platter

  • Goats cheese and beetroot chutney ; Goats cheese with sweet beetroot chutney and mixed leaves

  • Mozzarella, tomato pesto ;  Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil and pesto with mixed leaves

Savoury Quiche

16 slices

£30 per platter

Our savoury quiches are made with a short crust pastry base and a seasonal vegetable filling, using locally sourced produce.

'Sausage' rolls

46 mini rolls

£30 per platter

A selection of homemade 'sausage rolls', some with extra chutney, some topped with seasame to give your guests more choice.

Broccoli Coleslaw 

£25 per platter

Mixed vegetables and broccoli in a creamy sauce with cashew nuts, toasted almonds and cranberries

Pizza slices

16 slices

£25 per platter

Four cheese and tomato pizza with black olives on a sourdough base.

Greek salad

£25 per platter

Feta, onions, olives, tomatoes and cucumber

Spicy rice salad

£20 per platter

Indian spiced rice with cucumber, peppers, onion, mango chutney and fresh coriander

Indian selection

26 pieces

£25 per platter

Vegan and gluten free bhajis and pakoras plus delicious vegan samosas served with mint sauce and mango chutney

Grazing platter

£30 per platter

Crackers, crudites and dips with olives, pickles,  pimento peppers, sundried tomatoes and artichokes

Herbed potato salad

£20 per platter

New potatoes with a vinaigrette dressing served with fresh herbs and vegan mayo

Vegan pizza slices

32 slices

£25 per platter

Delicious plant based pizza with mushroom, peppers, onion and 'cheese'

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